From October 11th until November 7th

This article summarizes Prime Rating Seasons, a new post-rate-athon framework. Check “Prime Where we stand today” “Prime Rate-athon” articles for deeper info on Prime Rating.
  • ‘Prime Rating Seasons’ is a gamified approach to Rating DeFi projects
  • Season one will begin on October 11th, 2021, 10:00 AM (UTC) and last until November 7th, 10:00 PM (UTC)
  • Early submissions are incentivized with bonuses
  • Raters can level up to earn extra rewards
  • 10.5K USDC + 21K PRIME…

Combining Reputation with Boardroom

  • Swap governance platforms from DAOstack’s Alchemy to Snapshot plus Gnosis Safe (accessed through Boardroom)
  • Use a PrimeDAO-developed, non-transferable Reputation as the voting token in Snapshot

A DeFi rating competition

Prime Rating’s competition is starting on the 5th of July. Prizes to be won!

Six months ago, we released Prime Rating Beta V1. This blog summarizes where we are, how to get involved, and the next steps for Prime Rating.

Revealing PrimeDAO’s new identity

This blog summarizes concepts described more deeply in previous work. See the D2D Tech Report, D2D Digests [1] & [2], and the D2D AMA for background.

Tokenizing a collaborative relationship between multiple DAOs

First product powered by Prime Rating

Half-page Pool Factsheet providing a complete overview of the Prime DeFi pool

A permissionless framework for quantifying risk and quality of open finance protocols.

Screenshot of the Beta Prime Rating application — join here!


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