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Readers should consider starting with the PrimeDAO Litepaper and first two blog posts: Introducing PrimeDAO, and From Incubation to Growth, in order to fully understand the token distribution and strategy driving the upcoming Initial Decentralized Offering.

Co-creating Collective Value
Understanding PRIME
Distribution Breakdown
Mesa and the Initial Decentralized Offering
Common Questions and Answers
Refrain: Call For Contributors

Co-Creating Collective Value

PrimeDAO’s mission is to facilitate the wide adoption of open finance by coordinating and cultivating projects that promote safety, reliability, liquidity, and open access, while avoiding centralized appropriation of critical financial infrastructure through decentralized governance.

While some readers may only be interested in the distribution breakdown of PRIME — the native token of PrimeDAO — and Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) mechanics, it’s important to understand the underlying philosophy and strategy guiding such offering, and align on common definitions. An IDO is a decentralized fundraising tool where an organization offers to exchange their native cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for a different token. This is intended to help bootstrap virtuous, value-creating feedback loops for the organization. In Prime’s case, the organization is decentralized, meaning that its governance is on-chain, transparent, and open for new participants to join. These types of open organizations are known as “DAOs,” which stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization.” …

A permissionless framework for quantifying risk and quality of Open Finance protocols.

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Screenshot of the Beta Prime Rating application — join here!

The Prime Rating squad is pleased to announce the Public Beta of Prime Rating, a permissionless and comprehensive framework for quantifying the quality and risk of Open Finance protocols.

👨‍💻 Beta App | 📄 Docs |💬 Discord |🌺 DAO | 📈 Start Rating!

The Decentralized Finance industry has seen exceptional growth in 2020, growing from a mere $1B to over $20B of total value locked in DeFi applications currently. The potential of a permissionless and composable financial system is becoming increasingly clear, but this fast growth trajectory also comes at a cost: high knowledge asymmetry, increasing complexity, and coordination friction. It has become almost impossible to track all developments and understand the associated risks (and qualities) of the various DeFi protocols. …

PrimeDAO Liquidity Mining Ending and Update

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⚠ Users should have withdrawn their PRIME rewards from the liquidity mining contract by January 7th, 2021 to claim their accrued Balancer Pool tokens. Please read this article carefully if you are a user who participated in the first PRIME Liquidity Mining Program and would like to claim your BAL.

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PrimeDAO’s first Liquidity Mining program — outlined here — has ended. This article outlines how users who have earned PRIME rewards by staking BPRIME tokens can claim Balancer Tokens (BAL) they have accrued during the duration of the liquidity mining process.

Kickstarting the first builder cycle

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📄 Read the PrimeDAO Litepaper

It’s here! The Mainnet PrimeDAO has launched, marking the start of the Growth stage of PrimeDAO’s evolution towards maturity.

In this stage, PrimeDAO utilizes the Alchemy platform by DAOstack for protocol governance and resource allocation. To learn more about the process by which the DAO’s membership, largely made up of token holders, ambassadors, and contributors, are rewarded with Reputation or PRIME in exchange for their skin in the game, good governance, or contributions made read our blog about Reputation in Growth.

Current Objectives of PrimeDAO from the Litepaper
(1) to mature PrimeDAO by expanding its suite of products, achieving much-needed economic sustainability
(2) designing and improving Decentralized Governance and Operations specific to the needs and requirements of…

A Summary of Events

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Key numbers
Total PRIME distributed:
Total USDC raised: ~ 705,000 USDC
Total PRIME token holders: 439
Total PRIME in circulation: 1,690,000 (IDO) + 500,000 (Farming) + 161,290 (Balancer Pool Bootstrap) = 2,351,290
Liquidity in Prime’s first smart pool: $321,000
Percent of BPRIME staked in Prime Pool: 85%
PRIME on Etherscan

After an intense 2 week period, the PRIME Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) has come to an end. This blog summarizes and discusses PrimeDAO’s next steps.

The Initial Decentralized Offering

The PRIME IDO commenced on Monday, November 16th on an IDO-specific fork of Mesa. Over a period of two weeks, up to 24M (26.67%) of the PRIME total supply was put available for public auction to raise funds for PrimeDAO’s Growth stage development. …

A Co-Governance Mechanism for PRIME Token Holders

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This article assumes a general understanding of the tokenomics of PrimeDAO.

PrimeDAO aims to set a new standard for Open Finance Governance by combining token engineering and decentralized governance best practices. In PrimeDAO, decisions are made by the Reputation holders, individuals who have contributed to the development of PrimeDAO by committing their time, knowledge, or resources to the collective. Reputation is non-transferable and can only be created by PrimeDAO as a result of a majority vote. …

Du 16 au 30 Novembre, via un fork de Mesa

Accès direct à la vente de tokens ➡

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PrimeDAO est heureux d’annoncer l’Offre Initiale Décentralisée (Initial Decentralized Offering, ou IDO) du token PRIME, prévue pour se dérouler à partir du 16 Novembre 2020, sur une version modifiée de Mesa.

Création collective de valeur

La mission de PrimeDAO est de faciliter l’adoption de la finance ouverte (DeFi) en soutenant et coordonnant des projets qui favorisent sa sécurité, sa fiabilité, sa liquidité et son accessibilité, et en mettant en place une gouvernance décentralisée afin de préserver son caractère public.

Bien que certains lecteurs seront uniquement intéressés par la distribution de PRIME — le token natif de PrimeDAO — et la mécanique de l’IDO, il est important de comprendre la philosophie et la stratégie sous-jacentes de cette opération, et de clarifier certaines définitions. Une IDO est un mécanisme de levée de fonds permettant à une organisation d’offrir son propre token en échange d’un autre crypto-actif, et d’enclencher des processus de création de valeur en son sein. Dans le cas de Prime, l’organisation utilise des smart contracts (programmes exécutés sur une blockchain publique) pour rendre sa gouvernance transparente et ouverte aux nouveaux participants. Ce nouveau type d’organisation est connue sous le nom de “DAO”, ou Decentralized Autonomous Organization (organisation décentralisée autonome). …

Bootstrapping Liquidity for the PRIME Token

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Learn more about the Prime Liquidity Pool Manager

Go to Balancer pool ➡

Go to Staking Interface➡

In order to bootstrap liquidity for the PRIME token, PrimeDAO will initiate a liquidity mining program — alternatively known as yield farming — for a Balancer pool. Liquidity mining refers to the process of depositing designated tokens to a given decentralized liquidity source and receiving a reward in return. In our case, participants who deposit liquidity will receive PRIME as a reward.

This pool will be the first smart pool governed by PrimeDAO. With the mainnet deployment of Prime at the end of November, ownership of the pool will be transferred to the DAO for governance using the Prime Liquidity Pool Manager. …

L’éclosion d’une finance ouverte et durable

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La mission de PrimeDAO est de faciliter l’adoption de la finance ouverte (DeFi) en soutenant et coordonnant des projets qui favorisent sa sécurité, sa fiabilité, sa liquidité et son accessibilité, et en mettant en place une gouvernance décentralisée afin de préserver son caractère public.

Le 17 septembre 2020, PrimeDAO a été annoncée publiquement en tant que collectif d’acteurs engagés au service de la finance ouverte — appelée encore finance décentralisée, ou DeFi. En réponse, nombreux sont ceux qui nous ont approché en posant la même question : “Comment puis-je participer?’ …


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读者应考虑从PrimeDAO Litepaper以及前两篇博客文章开始:PrimeDAO简介从孵化到成长,以便全面了解代币分配和推动即将推出的初始分布式产品的策略。





透视PRIME IDO参与者将发现,与过去的许多代币发行相比,通过DAO共同创造集体价值将是非常不同的:没有集中的团队或指定的业务,预先确定的管理人员不对DAO的最终成功负责,也不拥有DAO的所有权或控制权。为了让Prime取得成功,必需对协作网络作出共同努力,对于DAO的代币经济学(或称为代币工程代币系统)还需要额外考虑。



该小组肯定有动力看到PRIME代币产生的价值,并支持提供此功能的DAO计划、产品和协议。但是,该组可能并不关心积极管理Prime — 因此他们不一定需要投票权。Prime中的投票权称为声誉(REP) — DAO可以剥夺的不可转让的权利。许多DeFi项目犯了完全由其代币持有者支配的错误,这导致选民冷漠和投票权的政治积累,这种集中的力量必须避免,以保持Prime的政治权力下放。话虽如此,反之亦然:在信誉持有人拥有所有权力的DAO中,代币持有人的生态系统无动于衷且缺乏支持。当代币持有者认为自己受到了不公平的对待时,阳光明媚的心情很快就会改变 — 支持者可以迅速转变为FUD生产者。为了减轻这种情况,必须实施为他们积极参与提供机会的机制。考虑到这一点,PRIME代币持有者应具有管理权。为此,将为PRIME提供一种机制,代币持有者可以锁定PRIME来生成REP(稍后会详细介绍!)。





The Adoption Engine for Open Finance

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